Sims 3 cheats -Unlock cheats to Complete Missions

Sims 3 cheats are very important while playing sims 3.Ctrl+shift+C used for commands console. To, unlock cheats press enter to get cheats. Esc button is used if you want to exist. Sims 3 Cheats codes are not case sensitive. Display a list of cheats codes.Sims 3 cheats

  Cheats of Sims 3are as follows

  • kaching -Firstly it  Adds+1,000 Simoleons.rosebud – Secondly it Adds  +1,000 Simoleons .

    motherlode –  Thirdly,will Add +50,000 Simoleons

    family funds [money wanted] – Fourthly,9999999 is the possible will save you from entering the “motherlode” cheat several times.

  • shazaam –Fiftly it adds up to  +2,500 lifetime happiness points for active Sims.modify traits – Will Set or clear traits

    make happy – it will make your mood happy to enter in perfect house &removes negative moods.

    make motives [static|dynamic] – Set motives static or dynamic for the entire household

  • Age  Set[number] – You can also set the age of the Sim.ageuptonpc on – Ages are non-controllable NPC who lives in your household. It works on children.

    force twins – It will enter after clicking on a pregnant Sim.

    edit in cas – Create a Sim to take sim back.

    know everyone your Selected Sim knows every other Sim.

    make friends for me – selected Sim will help to make new friends.

    reset sim [first name/last name]  Sims to safe and neutral state at home

  • free real estate – Ignore the cost when buying a debug – Lets you buy anything, including locked objects.

    add to the household –  active Sim to the current household.

    force service sim [name] –  specific service Sim to appear.

     visitor force – A neighbor to show up.

  • set career [career] [level] – Give selected Sim a career.force opportunity by Click career-building you work at to force an opportunity.
    force event –  work at to force an event by clicking career building.

    force all events – Finally display all events for the career consecutively.

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