Xcom2 cheats & Console Commands You need to know

In the beginning, Xcom2 cheats &Console commands are briefly discussed .we will tell you how you can enable cheats& commands for X com. Xcom2 cheats &Console commands will help you to give more resources. Followings tricks you can do while using these commands.

1-Firstly you can enable different modes.

2-Secondly, during combat, you can increase movement.

3-Thirdly, you can increase levels to get free levels.

4-Players can reduce avatar Progress.

5-If you want to enter into cheats you must enable Console.

6-Its very simple process to enter into cheats.

7-Open the properties the screen will open so you can easily enter into cheats.

8-With the help of these cheats, you can enter into Combats.

9-Characters can reload the weapons for more efficiency during combat.

10-Unlimited movement can be done with the help of these amazing cheats.

11-Resources can be increased.

12-These cheats can help you to increase the power of your characters by providing the latest weapons &Tact.

Xcom2 cheats &Console commands

How to Active Console

If you want to enter into the console you must follow the command line parameter to Xcom2.

1-First Allow Console

2-Secondly right-click on Xcom2, then enter into properties and add Target field like “D:\Games Folder\XCOM 2 \Win64\XCom2.exe” –allow console.

3 If you are using Steam, then right-click the game in your Library, select Properties, and “Set launch options”.

4- ~ button is used if you want to enter into the console.

5-Replace # with a number.

Xcom2 cheats &Console commands Result/Effect

Commands                                                               Result/Effect

Set strategy facility Super Hero #This command will help you to build facility instantly free or toggle on/off
Unlock All Strategy Facility #It will build facilities like a toggle on/off.
Instant Build Strategy Set #With the help of this command you can instantly build strategy.
Strategy Facilities Free #This strategy command will provide you all facilities toggle on/off.
Take No Damage #All units will be invincible by using this command.
Power Up #All units will get unlimited ammo.
Enable Cheats #Will help you to use commands.
Give source ability point # #It will give # amount of ability points for learning abilities.
Give Engineer #Give you Engineer with skills.
Give Scientist #Give your Scientist with Skills.
giver source Advent MEC corpses #Provide you Advent MEC corpses.
giver source Advent Officer corpses  #Advent Officer corpses you will get.
giver source Advent Shieldbearer corpses #Advent Shield bearer corpses will help you.
giver source Advent Stun Lancer corpses #Amount of Advent Stun Lancer corpses
giver source amount of Advent Trooper corpses #Give Amount of Advent Trooper corpses
Add item light powered armor #Give Amount of  light powered armor
Add item heavy powered armor #Give Amount of  heavy powered armor
Add item heavy plate armor #Gives Amount heavy plate armor
Giver source Corpse Advent MEC # # Gives amount of Advent MEC corpses
Giver source EleriumCore # Gives # amount of Elerium Cores
Giver source Eleriumdust# Gives # amount of Elerium Dust
Give tech{Tech name} Change the tech name of your own choice.
Give source intel It will give an amount of Intel.

These cheats are very important for every game. If you want to know about more games cheats like sims 3  cheats you must keep visiting our websites or send us feedback.

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