Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a much interesting battle play game for fight lovers. In this game, you can play with the legend shooters and make your own team and defeat your opponents. The apex legends gameplay provides you the great experience of an adventure and thrilling enjoinment.

In this game, a three-member squad that is selected by you land on an island and you with your squad find the weapons and kill your enemies and opponents by finding them with your ability and intelligence.  this game will make you sharp. It is a mega-famous game which is now very popular around the world and has won many best game awards. this game is a first-person shooter game with a Royale battle game. It is available for PC, Desktop, Mobile, Android, and iOS. Apex Legends Pc game has positive reviews from its users and the users of it are increasing day by day.

We are presenting its features and the guideline about the download. It is available here on our site for PC and also for Android devices. Download apex legends free and enjoy the mega hi-tech game of the year 2022 it is the most adventure and battle game.

Apex legend battle game apex legends

Features of Apex Legends

It is a very famous battle game and its features are stunning. You will inspire and will download it right now when you will read out its features. Its features are the following.

  1. Legends: There are special characters in the game called “Legends.” Each one is different and has special powers.
  2. Playing in Squads: You play in groups of three, trying to be the last group standing.
  3. Ping System: You can tell your friends where things are without talking. You just ping stuff like weapons or enemies.
  4. Respawn: If a friend gets knocked down, you can pick up their banner and bring them back to life at a respawn point.
  5. Weapons and Stuff: There are lots of different guns, attachments, and gear you can find.
  6. Map Changes: Sometimes, the game changes the map with new places and events.
  7. Seasons and Rewards: The game has seasons with a Battle Pass. You earn cool things by playing.
  8. Special Events: Sometimes, there are special events with different game modes and rewards.
  9. Ranked Play: You can play in a special mode to see how good you are compared to others.
  10. Loot: You find weapons and things on the map. Some places have better stuff.
  11. Training Mode: There’s a mode where you can practice and learn about the game.
  • A mega Collection of Legendary Characters are available
  • Strategic Battle Royale
  • Build your Own squad and Team
  • Genre Evolving Innovation
  • Free Battle Royale Gameplay
  • HD Graphics and Stunning Theme
  • Utilized Your Skills and Abilities
  • To produce the calls on the fly for your Planning
  • Involving the step by step guidance of your strategy
  • Many legendary Characters
  • Option to choose your favorite Shooter with extra Ordinary Ability

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Awards of 2019

Japan Games Awards Award for Excellence Won 2019
2019 Global Joystick Award Best Multi-Player

Game of the Year

The Game Award 2019 Best Multiplayer Game Won

How to Download for PC Apex Legends

Here we are giving the download link( Android)for this mega game for PC you can download it by just steps just click on the download button which is given below and download the file on your PC after downloading lick on the file install it in your PC and just start the game. If you are facing any trouble you can Contact Us at any time we will gladly assist you. The actual download link for PC is available Google Play Store here following is for Android

                                                                    Download Link

Download Android Apex Legends 

How to Download for Android Apex Legends

If you are on android and want to download it on your android mobile then don’t worry we are also giving the APK file download to your android free of cost.

For downloading just follow the step

  • Download the APK file from the link which is given below and download it by clicking the download button
  • Download in your android and install it by allowing the permission of installation by unknown sources
  • Install it in your Android Device and Enjoy


Game APK File Information

Name Apex Legends
Size 22.6
Version 1.0.3
Developer Electronic Art
Category 3D Adventure Game
Android Required 4 and Above
Cost Free

Final Words

It is a big and very interesting fight battle game with legendary characters like Blood Hound, Bangalore, Caustic, Mirage, Pathfinder, and Wraith. They are the characters that may your team member and squad which will be selected by you. It is available on our site for both PC and Mobile. And it is free of cost at all with this we also mentioned the features of this game. If you are looking for more extra interesting, adventure, action and other games keep visiting us we have a lot collection of the games


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