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Negative effects of technology on Children Detailed Overview

negative effects of technology

The negative effects of technology on children is the most important topic nowadays. So it’s very important for us to know the negative effects of technology on children. If your children are using technology like mobile, Laptop or Tablet, or any latest technology it’s very important for parents to keep eye on their Childs either they are using technology in ...

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iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 12  Comparison Detail

Iphone 12 Pro Vs Iphone 12

iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 12  comparison is described here. I’m going to tell you all the similarities and everything that makes the two set different from each other. so let’s start off with the different colors with the iPhone 12 you have a little bit more of a color variety and you can see this is the blue color ...

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Whatsapp apk Latest version available for Download

Whatsapp apk

Whatsapp apk helps you to download the best messaging service on a mobile phone. In Mobile technology, By using Whatsapp apk for android customers can easily download Whatsapp on the smartphone as well as on pc. The Messenger can send and receive multimedia files also users can talk to friends and family members by using this service. It’s a very ...

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How social media affects young teens relationships

social media is toxic

In nowadays social  media  is toxic that affects young teens. In mobile technology For a long period of time face book is under criticize from user information safety. These are dangerous things for young teens now facebook admit which creates tension. It said that the conversion of the user will listen by its own contractor. so transcript function can perform ...

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