Update Full screen smart phone,facebook&Whatsapps security issues,Wifi login access

At this time Full screen smart phone have seen in same design. Its all have big screen and battery cover behind it. However one Chinese company  invented such as smart phones which is totally screen. It’s called all screen smart phones. Its name” Nex 3”.

Chinese company views has share the pictures of front and back glass of new consebbete phone. It has almost 90 age’s degrees. Before this in Nex affected 24.91 screen to body ratio was given .however in Nex2 bezel is minimum. In Nex 3 main hole or touch will finish and expected round shape glass will use .

Also expect screen body ratio will be 100 %.The company did not share any information about this amazing feature mobile. Neither company  give any expected time frame in launching. Currently it is not cleared that Selfie camera will be in pop up shape.+855 snap dragon process is expect to given this phone. This phone can come in the last of this year.

Full screen smart phone

Huawei Chinese Company is ready to launched his own maps system in the Competition of Google Maps.

Huawei map system system Harmony

Huawei map system system Harmony

After sanction from America Chinese company Huawei will launch  his own operating system Harmony alternate of android operating system. Now Huawei will launched his own system .

According to the media reports Huawei mapping tool kit will release in October.It  will connect mobile apps and local maps and also it will take place of Google maps. This service will called map kit .The president of Huawei  said that map kit will available in 40 language .with the help of real traffic time traffic condition navigation system and mapping support.

An American travel website booking holding and Russian company  Yandex ha participated. It will help in location portion. America will  totally bann Huawei products. Map kit harmony operating will help for third party app in the alternate which depend Google maps.50 % App depend on map or location. This cans a dangerous sign of America Company Google map.

Changes in whatsapps message or Target Attack by Hackers.

WhatsApp Security issues

WhatsApp Security issues

In social media now a days a lot of whatsapps drawbacks are coming .Hackers are taking advantages of this drawbacks and they use social media for criminal activities. Researcher found one major mistake in whatsapps messages .With a little change from your name .Whatsapp message can be sent to many people from your name. Check point name company ha practical for this security league issue. According to the company claimed that their prepared tool after coat message can be changed. Hence someone told in message will not in reality what he said.

corrupt or bad character people can affect to your personal messaging in whatapps.

.In lass wigas  cyber security conference was held .in which company performed practical .It was developed by check point name company. With the help of this tool you can change the identity of sender person and coat message to another person .Researcher also find out third drawback .According to the third drawback you can easily deceive to another person .person will think his message is private but in actual his message will share in group.Facebook identified this third drawback.

Whatsapp is also  the property of face book .but a dangerous thing is that face book told  researcher that due to lack of technical facilities some weakness cannot remove.Facebook told researcher that that they install whatsapp .

Whatsapps also confirm this news.Altough whatsapp claim that they remove this weakness. But a America news paper claim that targets attack on whatsapp was done by Israel firm NSO group. In target attack on whatsapp hackers use whatsapp call service as a tool  .Due to this attack call will not pick up or whatsapp data will remove from phone.NSO group was  a cyber armed dealers in past. Its flagship software pigas  has capability that can attack on any device and steal his information .hackers can also steal microphone or camera data.NSO is license certified  institute and use to counter  criminal activities in countries.

Facebook Claim to record conversion of User.

Facebook Security issues

From a longer period of time face book is under criticize from  user information  safety point  of view. Now  face book  admit which create a tension.Facebook said that conversion of user can listen by its own contractor so transcript function can perform easily .According to face book he left to keep record of user information due to protest of users.Altough Apple,google,amazon are also under criticize due to voice call records.

Face book spokespersons said like goggle or apple they also left to keep record of user voice calls one week before. Audio recording is used for transcription service of messaging. which purpose is to send message via voice not with typing .Face book said that this audio recording is use for AI transcription whereas people voice message can written in right way. Face book also claim in Bilomubrag report .This feature can work only when user will select this option. Face book introduce transcription function in 2015 and inform that audio voice record can store in server. But also warns that this recording can also give  to third party contractor.

Wi-Fi Access without password is possible now.
Wifi illegal Access

Wifi illegal Access

Wi-Fi   is  also very important for every second person. People search Wi-Fi but some people instite you to give password. In this situation a problem create whom you want to give access  or not .In this technology period Experts are trying to  create amazing inventions to provide facility to people.

Recentely  a new method   will launch  .In this method you can provide  Wi-Fi access without sharing password.Wifi access can be possible with qr code.Wifi password can  convert in qr code. Website are available to convert Wi-Fi i password into qr code .Go into “qrstuff”.com and select Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi i login. Type passwords then select WPA. It   will create .it can download easily Now you can enjoy Wi-Fi access.


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