5 Great Resident Evil female Characters that helps players to kill Zombie

If you are a great fan of the Resident Evil game then you should have some basic knowledge about the female characters in the Resident Evil game. I will share some information about female characters that can be very helpful to you around the game.

In the Resident Evil game, Zombie spread a virus in Raccoon city found some iconic characters. As a player, you will found a horror atmosphere. After playing the game, I found 5 best female characters that are listed below.Female character in Resident Evil

Name &Descriptions of Top 5 Females Characters in Resident Evil!!!

Name Description
  • 1-Rebecca Chambers
Rebecca Chamber is basically a tomboy that appears in the first Resident Evil. Rebecca belongs to the police Department. She is also a very active investigating officer especially mysterious death in the woods. She is an expert in agile &making Medicine.
2-Cindy   Lennox After the Resident Evil outbreak, Cindy character appears. She is very kind to peoples. She is a waitress in Raccoon city. Actually there was an accident in Raccoon City. After the accident, Cindy purchases a new house & starts a new life. She was very hopeful about new life as compare to a past life.




3-Sheva Alomar Sheva is basically an agent in South Africa &work with Chris Redfield. She also works with the bioterrorism security assessment alliance that is also located in South Africa.
4-Sherry Birkin Sherry Birkin is a young mysterious woman &first appear in Resident Evil. She is the daughter of William Birkin & Annette.G virus is created by Sherry Birkin. She was also affected by the virus from her father. After getting the antidote she recover from the virus. After recovering, she spent her life on bioterrorism. Sherry Birkin also saves the world from Resident Evil.
5-Ashley Graham Ashley Graham is a very stylish female character. She is the daughter of former U.s President. Ashley Graham kidnapped by jack Krauser and bring her to Spain. Leon went to Spain to bring her home.

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