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To select Resident Evil female character is the best strategy in  Resident Evil game then you should have

some basic knowledge about the  Resident Evil female character game. I will share some information about

Resident Evil female characters that can be very helpful to you around the game.

In the Resident Evil game, Zombie spread a virus in Raccoon city found some iconic characters. As a player, you will

find a horror atmosphere. After playing the game, I found 5 best female characters that are listed below.Female character in Resident Evil

Name &Descriptions of Top 5 Resident Evil female character

Name Description
1-Rebecca Chambers Rebecca Chamber is basically a tomboy that appears in the first Resident

Evil. Rebecca also belongs to the police Department. She is also a very

active investigating officer especially mysterious death in the woods.

She is an expert in agile &making Medicine.

2-Cindy   Lennox After the Resident Evil outbreak, Cindy character appears.

Hence, She is very kind to people as well .

She is a waitress in Raccoon city.

Actually, there was an accident in Raccoon City.

After the accident, Cindy purchases a new house & starts a new life.

She was always very hopeful about new life as compared to a past life.




3-Sheva Alomar Sheva is basically an agent in South Africa & works with Chris Redfield.

She also works with the bioterrorism security assessment alliance that is

also located in South Africa finally.

4-Sherry Birkin Sherry Birkin is always a young mysterious woman &first appears in Resident Evil.

She is also the daughter of William Birkin & Annette.

G virus is created by Sherry Birkin. She was also affected by the virus from her father.

After getting the antidote she recovers from the virus. After recovering, she spent her life on bioterrorism.

Finally, Sherry Birkin also saves the world from Resident Evil as well as.

5-Ashley Graham Ashley Graham is also a very stylish female character.

She is also the daughter of former U.s President. Ashley Graham was kidnapped by jack Krauser and bring her to Spain.

Leon went to Spain to bring her home.

Resident Evil female character Names

Finally, Some most important female characters’ names are given below.

These female characters will also help you to kill Zombie throughout the game.

Resident Evil female character are also described below.

  • Rebecca Chambers
  • Cindy Lennox
  • Sheva Alomar
  • Sherry Birkin
  • Ashley Graham
  • Claire Redfield
  • Ada Wong
  • Jill Valentine.                 


Who is the female character in Resident Evil?

Jill Valentine is the female character in Resident Evil.

Who is the most popular female character in Resident Evil?

Sherry Birkin

Claire Redfield

Helena Harper

Sheva Alomar

Rain Ocampo 

who is the hottest character in resident evil ?

Following are the hottest characters that are described below.

  • Jill Valentine
  • Sheva Alomar
  • Carlos Oliveira
  • Claire Redfield
  • Rebecca Chambers
  • Ada Wong
  • Lady Dumitrescu  

Can you play as a woman in Resident Evil village?

Hence, you cannot play due to a long zombie attack.

Are Jill and Chris together?

They also have romantic feelings for each other. However, Mostly, players are disappointed with them.

What is the Red Queen’s name in Resident Evil?

Alice is also Red Queen name resident evil.

What is the little girl’s name in Resident Evil?

Becky is the little girl in resident Evil.

What are the villains in Resident Evil?

  • Queen Leech/James Marcus
  • Bitores Mendez
  • Lisa Trevor
  • Brian Irons
  • Mother Miranda
  • Alexia Ashford
  • Ramon Salazar     

Who was the main villain in Resident Evil?

Alex Wesker

Who is the strongest villain in Resident Evil?

Jack Baker, The Nemesis, T-078,Mendez are also some of the strongest villains.

Who is the villain in Resident Evil village?

Lady Dimitrescu


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