negative effects of technology

The negative effects of technology on society are the most important topic nowadays. So it’s very important for us to know the negative effects of technology on society. If your children are using technology like mobile, Laptop or Tablet, or any latest technology it’s very important for parents to keep eye on their Childs whether they are using technology in a positive way or negative way.

No doubt, it’s very difficult for any child to away from technology because you never want that your Childs will lose the race of life. But you as a parent can motivate your Childs to also participate in healthy activities like playing games to the growth of minds. If you guide your Childs to keep balance in life it will affect positively the health of your Childs.

negative effects on technology on children

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Drawbacks of Negative effects on technology on society.

1-Mental Health can affect.

2-Eyes can effects if your child is using technology like mobile, Tab.

3-If your child is using the internet he can open any bad website which can badly affect the personality of your child.

4-Children can leave studies while using negative technology like playing games every time.

5-Watching videos like cartoons every time can also badly affect the personality of your child.

6-Many Childs did suicide while playing the game like the blue whale.

7-PUBG game is also banned in some countries because of Childs 24 thing about the game.

8- Children’s social relationship remains end with friends or other family members.

9-Children behavior will be very embarrassed for you.

10-Your child will like to remain alone.

11-Child will make his own world which is around technology like games or surfing the internet 24 hours.

12-By using technology in a negative way your children can become criminals like Hackers, Theifs, or smart Thieves.

13-If your child is using technology in a negative way he can also become a blackmailer. For more detail about technology, you can regularly visit my website or send us feedback.

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