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Game of sultans mod apk is one of the popular web applications available on android. It will tell you how you can rule the world. We bring you that realistic experience in the palm of your hand.Game of Sultans pc is Mechanist Internet Technologies’ simulation-based game. It puts you in charge of the largest empire in the world.

It is the Ottoman empire’s golden era, and you are the Sultan. This article will cover everything you need to know about the game of sultans mod apk. Read till the end; we also have a download link for our readers to install the apk. 

game of sultan apk

                                                          game of sultan mod apk

What is game of sultans apk mod?

Game of sultans pc mod apk is a modified and altered version of the original game available on the play store. However, you have to grind a lot to make progress. You also have to earn a lot of in-game currency to unlock specific

titles and rewards. The mod apk allows you to install the game and make progress more swiftly. You don’t have to worry about spending real money to buy in-game coins. The mod apk offers a game of sultans free VIP. 

The gameplay of the game of sultans

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We have explained to you the theme of the game of sultans. Now let’s take a look at the gameplay of this game. Game of sultans pc is an epic Role-play and simulation-based game. It means that you assume the role of a sultan and the game offers a near realistic and simulated environment. The game offers actual events that happened during the history of the Ottoman Empire.

You get to make decisions and decide how these events pan out. You can make your team and compete for the crown. Team up with the most powerful warlords and top players in the world. The player can also groom their pets and raise their heirs. You also get to participate in battles and fight wars. 

  • Ruling over the ottoman empire

The Ottoman Empire is in its prime time. You are the king of the sultanate. It is up to you to manage all the affairs of this country. You have to maintain an economic system and establish diplomatic relations for the empire. Moreover, deciding about wars and making peace with your enemies is also up to you. 

  • Cater to your romantic desires

The game doesn’t ignore your romantic feelings. As a sultan, the Ottomon king used to have a harem of beautiful girls. In this game, you can also date anyone you want. The characters are all very beautiful, and the developers have kept the time and era in mind. 

  • Raise of your offspring

As a king, you will have many children in this game. You must raise your children and forge them into future leaders. Your offspring is the empire’s future; they will become kings and queens. Hence, you have to train to be successful and fearless. 

  • Dress like an emperor

Game of sultans has a very aesthetically pleasing wardrobe option. You can dress as you want. You have a very wide and vast range of options to choose from. 

  • Play with other people 

The game has a very good cross-server battle option. You can compete with people around the world and dominate them to prove the supremacy of your empire. Game of sultans’ online PvP feature is a must-try.

Premium features of the game of sultan mod apk

Millions of players are playing the game of Sultan. It has great reviews on the play store. However, there is one little problem that every player has complained about. The in-game resources are too hard to acquire, and they are over-priced if you want to buy them. The mod apk, which we have brought you, solves all these problems. Our mod apk offers all the following items for free;

  • Unlimited game of sultans free diamonds
  • Unlocked game of sultans characters
  • Game of sultans VIP levels unlocked
  • Weak enemies
  • Unlimited health and resources

If you don’t have the money or the resources to spend on the game of sultans, then this mod apk is the right choice

for you. 

  • Unlimited diamonds

Diamonds in this game are the most important currency. You can spend diamonds on upgrading your aesthetics as

well as military inventory.

  • All characters

Several characters in the game of sultans are locked at the start. You have to progress and unlock these characters eventually. With the mod apk, you get all the characters unlocked. Even if a character is locked, you can spend diamonds and get it.

  • Maximum VIP levels

VIP levels might not look like something important. However, many quests, sites, and characters require a certain

level to be unlocked. Our mod apk makes your VIP level higher, so you don’t have to wait for it. 

  • Weaker enemies

Sometimes it gets frustrating when an enemy doesn’t die despite how you hit them. The game of sultans mod makes

the enemies weaker and easier to kill. You can kill enemies with one hit. 

  • Regenerating health

Health is crucial during a battle in this game. With the unlimited health feature of the mod apk, your health will never be depleted. Hence, no one can defeat you. 

With unlimited money and diamonds, you can do whatever you want in the game. You don’t have to grind for weeks before you manage to collect a sizeable amount of diamonds anymore. 

How to install the Game of sultans latest mod apk?

If you are interested in the features of mod apk of game of sultans, let’s explain how you can download it and enjoy all the perks. First of all, head over to this website. Gamespotnet has a wide range of mod apk. It is a trustworthy website. Hence, there is no risk of getting scammed or infected with virus software. 

Please search for a game of sultans mod apk and open it. Then download the resources. 

  1. Download the apk
  2. Download the data
  3. Place the data in the obb folder of android
  4. Install the apk
  5. Play the game

After performing these few simple steps, your game should be running fine without any issues. Please don’t update the game from the play store, or it might cause an issue.


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Frequently asked questions 

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the game of sultans. 

Can I play the game sultan offline?

Yes, you can play this game in offline mode.

Do I need a high-end phone to run this game?

You don’t need a very high-end phone. However, make sure to have a couple of GBs free on your phone for installation.

Does the mod apk affect my gameplay?

No, it offers the same gameplay and experience.

Is Game of Sultans a good game?

Of course, it’s a good game because it gains 4stars on play store.

Can I download Game of Sultans for PC?

Yes, you can download Game of Sultans on pc. Bluestack is one of the best platforms for downloading this amazing apk.

Is Game of Sultans free?

It’s totally free.

Can I play Game of Sultans Online?

You can play Game of Sultans pc online. You should use a web browser for this purpose.

How much does Game of Sultans make?

Approximately it makes 10 million per month after downloading.

How do I get more power in Sultans?

Your talent or levels will increase your power in the game.

What can you spend gold on in Game of Sultans?

Basically gold is a currency that is used in games. Gold will help you to upgrade of viziers.

How much does it cost for VIP levels in game of Sultans?

if you want to get VIP levels in the game of sultans you have to pay a huge amount of dollars which is described below.

5$ For Rank 1

20$ For Rank 2

50$ For Rank 3

What happens when you switch servers on Game of sultans?

If you switch to different servers your sultan will start  at the beginning

How do I get a pet in game of Sultans? 

Go to the palace garden, after updating the game. Relax for some time and will trigger a series of events that lead you to choose your pet.

who is the developer of game of sultans game?

Mechanist international Technologist co Ltd is the developer of this amazing game.

what is the size of game of sultans apk?

1.06 GB required size for apk.

what was the last version of game of sultans?

4.2.06 is the last version of game of sultans.



Finally, Game of sultans is a truly immersive RPG simulation game. There are endless possibilities for players to enjoy. The game of sultan mod apk lets you unlock all the premium features for free. You can also download the using our link and rule the Ottoman empire.

I am not going to lie, I have been playing this game since I was a kid. I remember my dad would play it with me and we would play until late at night. We were always trying to beat each other’s high scores. My dad passed away last year and I thought I would share his passion for this game with everyone else. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did growing up!.



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