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My Talking Tom Friends – Free Apk Game for Android: My Talking is one of the most famous family video games of the Talking Tom Series. It is also an app that can be downloaded on an android device without any cost.

This popular video game includes the characters like Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Becca. With these characters, this game is more attractive to people of every age. In this game, Tom Cat and his permanent friends move to a new home where they will settle. All 6 characters are in good mood. The user or player of the game must feed them, care for them, and give attention to them. And there are many games that will allow you to enjoy the games with other characters. Awards and prizes are also available in this game. This game is the best game in the talking tom series apk 2022.


This sequel to the first game includes even more levels and characters. You can now choose between two modes: Story Mode and Free Play Mode.

In Story Mode, you play as Tom and try to find his friends. You can unlock new characters and items along the way.

In Free Play Mode, you don’t need to worry about finding Tom’s friends. Instead, you just have to complete various tasks. You can earn coins while

playing. These coins can then be spent at the shop to buy new outfits for Tom and his friends.

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My Talking Tom Friends  Apk

Name My Talking Tom Friends
Size 113.7 MB
Android Required 5.0 +
Category Free Casual Game


                                     DOWNLOAD  My Talking Tom Friends Mod Apk



This game has mind-blowing features. The entire game is much attractive and has massive fun in its end. You will enjoy this game. You can download this game from the internet and for more game reviews you can visit our website. Here are some features of this game.

  • Each character of this game has the ability to sing, fun, play the game, and many skills they have in this game
  • You can feed them, care for them and give attention to them according to your mood.
  • Play in the one house with best friends
  • Unique Characters
  • Customize everything
  • Fun Play Time
  • Beautiful world sights
  • Play for free
  • The play has the option to dress up their pets with a lot of outfits
  • It has also mini-games in this game to test the skill of the player


How do I unlock all the characters in my Talking Tom friends?

When you will fulfill Tom and Angela’s needs you can Unlock characters in-game.

Does talking tom record your voice?

Basically, it’s an android app, in which the cat reacts to the user’s voice.

How does Tom Friend make money?

You can make money in this game, not in hard cash, but in tokens and surprise you can earn.

How old is talking Tom’s friend?

In July 2010, it was launched.

Who is Becca in talking to Tom?

Becca is the third character non animal.

How many characters are on Talking Tom’s friends?

6 characters are Talking Tom “s friends.

Is Ginger on Talking Tom a girl?


Who is talking about Becca’s boyfriend?

Boyfriend Stealer 

What is the name of talking tom friends game?

My talking Tom Friends

Can I download Talking Tom friends?

Yes, you can download, play and enjoy.

Who is Ben’s mom?

Dannah Feinglass Phirman is Ben’s mom.

How old is Ginger the cat?

7 years old is Ginger.

How many Talking Tom games are there?

There are 23 types of Talking Tom games.

Are all orange cats boys?

Approximately 80 percent of cats are boys.

What is a female cat called?

Queen is a female cat.

What is a mommy cat called?

Mother cat called mommy.

How old is Angela the cat?

22 years old is angela cat.

How do you shut up a cat in heat?

  • keep away female cats from male cats.
  • Keep the box clean.
  • Play with cats

What color is talking Angela?

White color.

Final Words 

if you are looking for a children’s game.I think My talking tom is the best game.It contains a lot of features with amazing characters. If you are more interested in such kinds of games keep visiting our site regularly.

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