Cyber Hunter Android +iOS Battle royal Chinese game for everyone

Cyber Hunter is also a latest android Chinese battle royal video game .Net Ease is also the developer and distributor of Chinese  royal game. Cyber game  released on 26 April,2019. This  game  is a 2019 Chinese sci-battle royal e mobile video game developed and distributed by Net Ease and was released on 26 April 2019.This Cyber Hunter is released for multiplayer . KeiichiOkabe and RuichiTakada are the Composer of Cyber Hunter game. It is released for Android, i OS platform. Also it’s a multiplayer game. Basically Cyber hunter is also a battle game which has different modes and maps. But in this game gaming experience is so good and you will also enjoy the game to play.

Cyber Hunter Ultimate battle Experience

FAQ about Cyber Hunter Android game play +mode apk +download Requirements

Question no 1 what kind of game is Cyber Hunter?

Answer .This android game is also royal battle android game.

Question no 2.Who is the developer & Publisher of android game?

Answer.Net Ease is also the developer and Publisher of android game.

Question no 3 Its single player or multiplayer game?

Answer. It’s  a multiplayer game.

Question no 4 for which platform Cyber Hunter is released for?

Answer It is also released for android,i OS.

Question no 5 What are the modes of Cyber Hunter ?

Answer .Following are also the modes of android i OS game.

1-solo 2-duo- 3-squad

Question no 6 Is Cyber Hunter is Chinese game?

Answer. Yes its Chinese game.

Question no 7 what kind of weapons used in Cyber Hunter game?

Answer. Cool guns, creative weapons and vehicles also used in Cyber Hunter game.

Question no 8 ? What is 3 D space in Cyber Hunter Game?

Answer. This game also has 6 by 6 km arena and in this game you can also touch the sky and you may deep drive into sea and  also has climbing gliding.

Question no 9 How to upgrade Cyber Hunter Using a Pk Pure?

Answer. Using a pk  pure app help us to upgrade Cyber Hunter game and install faster.

Question No 10 what are the system requirement to download Cyber Hunter game?

Answer.1 This game  can be operate on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

2-CPU must be Intel or AMD processor.

3-Graphics should be H D.

4-5 GB free Hard disk space available.

      Some Important Weapons used in Cyber hunter game

Following are also some important weapons that used in Cyber Hunter.

Vortex  gun  is  a short gun and has no aim. This gun is also used for low damage


Killer Whale. This is also a semi auto shotgun with average damage. It is also used for new players.

Omega  gun is auto S MG gun and has extreme rapid rate and cannot equipped with scopes. It is also recommended for new scopes.

Empty Coffin Its Also semi auto sniper Refile. its deals with average damage and recommend for new player.

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