Gacha Studio APK App

Gacha Studio APK App (Anime Dress Up)

It is the mind-blowing Anime Dress-Up app now in the world. Create your character and dress up your favorite outfits to look at your anime much attractive.  The users of Gacha studio online male and female can choose an unlimited variety of dresses, hats, eyes, shirts, hairstyles, makeup styles, and much more to make the anime much more beautiful.

After making your character you will then enter the next phase where you can make any scene of your choice that you have in your mind. Make the imaginary scene in this app. Use the text option to create your message on your anime character. There are hundreds of stunning background scenes available on this app. Gacha Studio APK App provides you to collect the Gacha rare pets and train them in the arena. Enter the Gacha studio and ready to enjoy the beautiful fashions and dress up your character with your favorite choice with an attractive background scene and also mention your message in form text on the character.


What’s New in Gacha Studio APK App

  • New updated are now in this app
  • Male characters and dresses are now in this app
  • You can increase the Pet Max level
  • Double and rare XP of Arena
  • Dress up your anime with the latest fashion of dresses, weapons, hats and many more
  • Customize your character’s looks like hairstyles, hats, and eyes.
  • Chose different pose, enter your text message, create your own scene in the studio
  • Auto, element, and skill there are three modes in this app
  • All customization is free of cost
  • Chat system now added in this app for the users
  • Chat profile and chat features in this app
  • Play offline no internet connection to play with this studio
  • Collect more than 100 Gacha pets and train them in arene
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