Garena Fire Free Battleground shooting Full guide plus Downloading

Garena Fire Free is also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds.Garena Studios is the developer & publisher of this amazing game. In Nov 2017, its mobile version released for the Android operating system. Fire Free is totally third-person shooting battle game. In this game, 50 players can participate but there is only one winner at the end. As the game become popular in people especially in 2019,450 million users registered in it. Basically in Garena Fire Free game players will fall from Para shout on in Ireland then search weapons for their own safety. Also, the player has the facility to take a position according to requirement and kill the enemy. 4,07,78,029 downloads are done on android devices &its  most popular game android game. Google play store award it for the best popular vote game due to popularity.

Free Fire


As a player when you will join the game you will enter into the plane and will fly on the island. You can jump anywhere on the island where you wish. The player can search any home for taking a position to kill the enemy. In this strategy game, after landing you should search for weapons. The player should select different weapons according to the strategy. Use short guns if the enemy is near to you. If the enemy is away from you, long-range guns can play an important role to kill the enemy. Almost` 50 players can participate in this game, but one player wins at the end who kills other players. In the gameplay when you will kill other players you can collect the equipment of players like Helmet, medical equipment, guns, etc. It will help you to kill another game.

Features of amazing shooting game.

1-Multiplayer Game.

2-HD Graphics including Shadow, brightness,  high FPS effect.

3-Battle Game.

4-Sound Quality is excellent.

5-Weapons are very special.

6-Settings are amazing.

7-Maps are available.

8-OMG  (Emotes Loud shouts).

9-Survival game.

10 Pc &Mobile both versions available.

11-Facility to choose effect mode as you want.

12-At the beginning you must choose default mode for aim precision.

13-Left fire control button uses to choose a scope.

Settings of Garena Fire Free

1-In basic settings as a player you can select the language, graphics, mini maps.

2-Player can adjust Graphics smooth, standard, ultra-quality according to the mobile configuration.

3-If you are using a best quality smartphone, you can also put HD graphics.

4-If player wants to play Garena Fire Free in smoothly then don’t take tension of mobile quality.

5-To play with pro player chooses the best settings with mini-map.

6-For pro players, you must do sensitive settings of the following parameters given below.

1-Lihat Sekeling

2-Red dot sight

3-2x Scope

4-4x Scope

5-AWM Scope

7- Transparency must be 100% and size should around 65%, then choose the Save button.

8- You should turn off the quick weapon switch & quick reload.

9-Select Hold Fire to Scope in AWM Sniping control &Two-handed mode in the vehicle controls.

10- Choose Simple mode in Safe zone Hints control. Further, turn on Auto Parachute, turn off Auto Pickup, and choose dark In Visual Effects control.

13-Free Fire can easily install on pc with the help of an android emulator.

Name of characters used in Free Fire















15-Hacker Eye




Compare Garena free fire vs Pubg

Free Fire requires l GB Ram. Pubg requires 4GBRam, high storage capacity.
The graphics are good. Graphics are HD
Free Fire can play on low battery mobile. Pubg required high battery mobile.
Fewer players in battle. More Players in battle.
Chance of winning because of fewer players. Less chance of winning because of 100 players.
Multiplayer Battle game Multiplayer Battle game.
The game was released in Jan 2017. The game was released in March 2017.
Not Realistic Realistic


Names of games like Garena Fire Free.

  • 2 Battle lands Royale
  • 3 Cyber Hunter
  • 4 PUBG Mobile
  • 5 Survival Heroes
How to Download Free Fire on PC
  • 1Firstly Install Blue Stacks then run the installer.
  • 2Secondly  After installation blue Stacks search Garena Fire Free.
  • Thirdly Once installation completes, click the Garena Free Fireicon in the My Apps tab.
  • 4 Below I am given a downloading link. After clicking download you can easily install game.
  • Download

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