Get Rid of FASTEST CARS IN GTA 5 For Good

In this article, you will see a lot of fastest cars gta5. We will try to find the fastest cars gta5 after the driving test on the track. It’s very difficult to take drive tests of these super-fast cars on the normal road. You cannot test on normal roads because the speed of cars can increase or decrease this is called kerb boosting. The speed of cars can vary on these tracks. Like a driving test, you should select a proper stable track. I recommend you choose the Flat track for these purposes. The driving test depends on two main factors one is Speed other is Prize. Here below, I am providing you the fastest cars that used in GTA 5. Every car is unique &have different functions like control, speed, break or lights. The sound of the cars is very good. After the driving test, I m providing you a list of cars.

GTA 5 Superfast Cars

List of fastest cars in GTA 5( Grand Theft Auto)after Drive test

Progen Emerus
Benefactor  Kreiger
Principe Devest Eight
Bravado Banshee 900R
Overflood entity xxr
Trufadde Thrax
Tru fadde Nero
Debauchee Vagner
Cheval Taipan
Trufadde Nero(custom)
Grotti x-80 Proto
Progen itali Gtb(custom)
Overflod Tyrant
Progen itali Gtb
Vapid FMJ
Overflod Autarach
Grotti Visione
Progen gp1
Annis-RE -7B
Progen Tyrus
Annis S80RR
Ocelot  Penetrator
Peggasi Zentorno
Grotti Furia
Grotti Turismor
Over fload Enity xf
Ocelo x
Emprero ETR1
Grotti Cheetah
Vapid Bullet
Kerin Suetan
Pe ggaiInfernus
Coil Voltic

Fastest cars  gta5 with Chart Brief

Pfistor8111135,000$208 km/h+ 129 mph +1
Progen Emerus2750,000$208 km/h 129.2mph2
Benefactor  Kreiger2875,000$208 km/h 129.2mph3
Principe Devest Eight1795,000$206 km/h 128.0 mph4
Bravado Banshee 900R650,000$204km/h 126.4 mph5
Overflood entity xxr2305,000$202 km/h 125.5 mph6
 Tezeract 2825,000$202 km/h 125.5 mph7
Trufadde Thrax2325,000$201 km/h 124.9 mph8
Trufadde Nero1440,000$200 km/h 124.3 mph9
Debauchee Vagner1535,000$200 km/h 124.3 mph10
Cheval Taipan1980,000$200 km/h 124.3 mph11
Trufadde Nero(custom)2045,000$200 km/h 124.3 mph12
Grotti x-80 Proto27000,000$200 km/h 124.3 mph13
Trufadde adder1000,000$199 km/h 123.7 mph14
Progen itali Gtb(custom)1683,000$199 km/h 123.7 mph15
Overflod Tyrant2515,000$199 km/h 123.7 mph16
Progen itali Gtb1189,000$198 km/h 123 mph17
Vapid FMJ175,000$198 km/h 123 mph18
Zorrusso1925,000$197 km/h 122.4 mph19
Overflod Autarach1955,000$197 km/h 122.4 mph20
Grotti Visione2250,000$197 km/h 122.4 mph21
Progen gp11260,000$196 km/h 121.8 mph22
Annis-RE -7B2475,000$196 km/h 121.8 mph23
Progen Tyrus2550,000$196 km/h 121.8 mph24
Annis S80RR2575,000$196 km/h 121.8 mph25
Ocelot  Penetrator880,000$195 km/h 112.2 mph26

Fastest cars gta5

Ranking from 27 to 44

Zentorno725,000$194 km/h 120.5 mph27


Grotti Furia274,0000$194 km/h 120.5 mph28
Grotti Turismor500,000$193 km/h 119.9 mph29
Over fload Enity xf795,000$193 km/h 119.9 mph30
Peggassi Reaper1595,000$193 km/h 119.9 mph31
Peggassi Osiris 1950,000$193km/h 119.9 mph32
Progen2200,000$193 km/h 119.9 mph33
Ocelo x 2375,000$193 km/h 119.9 mph34
Emprero ETR11995,000$192km/h 119.3 mph35
Vacca240,000$191 km/h 118.7 mph36
Tempesta1329,000$191 km/h 118.7 mph37
Grotti Cheetah650,000$190 km/h 118.1 mph38
Ubermach1603,000$190 km/h 118.1 mph39
Vapid Bullet155,000$ 189 km/h 117.mph40
Kerin Suetan800,000$ 189 km/h 117.4 mph41
Peggai Infernus440,000$ 187 km/h 116.2 mph42


1890,000$ 185km/h 115.0 mph43
Coil Voltic150,000$170 km/h 105.6 mph44


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