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Today here we will learn how can you build a  pc from scratch which is much easier. Connecting the right cables and right screws plays an important role in making a gaming pc. Components and safety precautions. Beginners can make a pc that rivals the best desktop computer. 

There are a lot of steps that are involved in making your own computers, Hence the process is easy, not so difficult. Step by step we will you will learn how to build a gaming pc, which is very beneficial for you in the future.

If you want to build a gaming desktop, the same steps you will follow as you build a gaming pc.One thing you should remember is what kind of pc you want to build. If you want to build an amazing gaming desktop, install the best Graphic cards.

games pc

What you need


Pc Components


  • Clean, Flatwork Surface
  • Philips head  Screwdriver
  • Anti-static wrist strap

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How to install the Processor Easily

It’s very easy to install the processor on the motherboard. If you install processor after motherboard in the case, access will be difficult for you. So simply install the processor before you put the motherboard in the case.

Step 1

Remove the motherboard carefully from the anti-static bag.

it’s very hard to remove the motherboard.

You should need a wooden, nonmetal, Flat desk for this purpose.

Avoid any kind of dust or Liquid.

Installing a CPU is much easier from the past.

Multiple  Pc components that are compatible with other can create difficulty for newcomers.

PC PartPicker is a site kit that allows you to select your components,it will check compatibility issues.

Before working once again check the surface is clean for installation.

Always take care of safety for this purpose use an anti-static wristwatch.

Opening the case is the easy part. Follow the given instructions.

Remove the side panel.

It will provide you with access case interior.

dangling inside the case after removing everything. Push it aside, it is attached.

Some panels have permanent wiring which can create problems.

What are the Core Components to build a PC



CPU Cooler


Hard Drive (SSD)

Graphic Card

Power supply

Screen Shots 

build a pc from scratch


pc build for begginer


pc buildstep by step

Final Words

In this article, I tried to guide people on how can you easily build a gaming pc. If you want to get more updates about gaming or technology keep visiting our site regularly. Send us Feedback if you like our article.

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