How to register as a vip or CEO in gta 5 fully guide?

To register as a vip in gta 5 is not so difficult. if as a player you want to register as a vip in gta 5 must follow these steps that are given below.register as a vip in Gta 5

1-To, register as a CEO(chief executive officer), or VIP you will go in interaction menu, then select Securo serv.

2-Secondly in Securo serv, register as a CEO (chief executive officer.

3-Thirdly, before registering as a CEO you should have an own office.

4-You can buy one from Dynasty&executive.

5- Dynasty&executive will appear only if you are registered as a VIP or CEO(chief executive officer.

6-While playing as a VIP keep in mind it works only limited time.

7-To, become VIP in GTA5, you must have 1million$ rupees in your account.

8-CEO owns an office and can buy a Warehouse. As a VIP you can also buy Warehouse by paying only 1m$.you can do the same work as CEO.

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