Every Thing you Must Know before Playing Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is also a first-person shooting game for pc. It is develop by 4A Games and publish by Deep Silver in 2019. Basically It is the third installment in the Metro video game series based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels, following the events of Metro 2033 and Metro: It was initially released on February 15, 2019. Andrew Prokhorov is the director and Oleksii omelchuk is the director of Metro Exodus. Metro Exodus is also the gaming series of Metro Exodus. Mykola  Muravskyi is also the producer of this amazing shooting game. Deep Silver is the publisher and Viacheslav Ariston is the designer. Sergei Karma sky is also the artist.


FAQ  asked by people regarding   Metro Exodus  Features and downloading Requirement Deep Silver told

Question No 1- What kind of game is Metro Exodus?

Answer. Metro Exodus is the first-person shooting game.

Question No 2-Is Metro Exodus is a single-player or multiplayer game?

Answer. It can be played by a single player.

Question no 3-What is the Engine of Metro Exodus?

Answer.4 A is also the Engine of Metro Exodus.

Question No 5  On which platform Metro Exodus Released?

Answer. Released platforms are Microsoft Windows, PlayStation.

Question No 6. People mostly asked that is Metro Exodus is a horror game?

Answer. Yes, Metro Exodus is the Horror game.

Question No 7.How many hours of tour time Metro Exodus will Occupy?

Answer. 15 hours of your time Metro Exodus will occupy. If you want to complete 100 percent then it will take 40 hours of your total time.

Question No 8.What will be the cost of Metro Exodus in North America and also in European Countries?

Answer. 49 $ prize in North America and 59 $ in European Countries.

Question No 9.Is Metro Exodus is the open world?

Answer. Yes, it is an open world.

Question No 10.Any online form of Metro Exodus announced?

Answer. No form of online announced for Metro Exodus.

Question No 12.What are the selling response of Metro Exodus?

Answer. More than 2.5 copies of Metro Exodus are also sold.

Question No 13.Who make Metro Exodus?

Answer. Deep Silver and Koch media also make Metro Exodus.

Question No 14 is there any security in Metro Exodus?

Answer. Yes, Metro Exodus has also  Denovo security.

Question No 15.Do you have any idea about guns in Metro Exodus?

Answer. In this game, there are three weapons two regular guns and one air-powered gun.

Question No 16. The game is broken up in how many Chapters?

Answer. The game is also broken up into 12 chapters.

Features Of first-person Shooting game Metro Exodus

1-This is also a first Person Shooting game.

2- Metro game has good HD Graphics.

3 It can also be played by a single player.

4-Two types of weapons used in Metro Exodus one is the simple gun and the other is air gun also.

5-It is also a horror game.

Finally, Downloading Requirement Of Metro Exodus?

1-you PC must have 8 GB Ram.

2-PC Must Core i-7 3.2 G Hz processor or 16 GB Ram.

3-Graphics Must be high-resolution H D.

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