PUBG MOBILE best android gamePUBG MOBILE best android game

PUBG mobile online play free is one of the best fighting action games for android. It is also developed by PUBG Corporation, Light speed &Quantum Blue hole. Ten cents and Ten cents games are the publishers of PUBG mobile online play free games. This android game has a series of Player Unknown”s Battlegrounds.

As a player, you can play this game with a single-player or multiplayer depending on you. While playing the PUBG MOBILE game you should keep the focus on internet connection because it’s an online game. You can also play PUBG on the browser using Vortex Cloud Gaming. This battle android game is going to release for Android, IOS platforms also.

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FAQS  PUBG mobile online.

Question No 1 what kind of game is PUBG MOBILE?

Answer. It’s the best online fighting android game.

Question No 2 Can you play PUBG MOBILE single-player or multiplayer?

Answer. Its depends on you. you can play it alone or with team members.

Question No 3? Is the Internet connection necessary for the PUBG MOBILE game?

Answer. Yes, it is very important while playing the game.

Question n0 4  Who made the PUBG MOBILE game?

Answer. Player Unknown”s Battlegrounds/Designer Made this mobile game.

Question No 5 what is the name of the country where PUBG MOBILE is banned?

Answer. Gujarat governments’ ban on PUBG because of upcoming board examinations in the state.

Question No 6 In which country PUBG MOBILE game is most played?

Answer. China is a country where most people like to play PUBG mobile game.

Question no 6 what is the price of the PUBG game?

Answer PUBG mobile game prize is around 30$.

Question no 7 Does PUBG mobile uses bots?

Answer Yes this game is full of bots.

Question no 8 what is the meaning of bots in games?

Answer Bots are nonplayer characters also. It is a general term in gaming also .computer will use to control these characters.

Question no 9 Can you stop bots?

Following are 3 Steps to Find and Block Bad Bots

  1. First Find Log Files. All servers keep a list of every request to the site they host also.
  2. Identify the Number Of Hits By IP & User Agents also. Once files have been found, consolidate, then open in Excel Format.
  3. Block different IPs from Accessing Site and Displaying in Analytics.

Some questions about Weapons, Mobile Versions, and downloading Space 

Question No 1 what are the best Weapons used in PUBG MOBILE?

Answer Following is the list of weapons used in PUBG MOBILE.

  • Via PUBG Corp. Groza is also one of the best guns if used at the right time.
  • Via PUBG Corp. This is the only gun that can kill a player with a level 3 helmet with a headshot.
  • Via PUBG Corp. Similar to the AWM, this is another beast of a bolt action sniper rifle.
  • Via PUBG Corp

Download pubg mobile online free 

Question no 2 How can you know your PUBG mobile ONLINE version?

  1. First of all, you should Open Google Play Store App also.
  2. Click Tap the Menu icon, followed by My apps & games.
  3. Select PUBG Mobile.
  4. Click Tap “More” (three dots symbol).
  5. Check the box next to Auto-update also.
  6. PUBG  online Mobile will now automatically update when updates are available finally. Simply unchecked the box to disable these features.
  7. Finally, For more android games click here.

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