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In 3D games Tales of Wind is one of best Android ios game. Its pc version was online at   December 26, 2019 at 8:16 PM .It will provide you a better gaming experience if you play pc version. Officially it will release at January 2nd, 2020 PC version can play t online. Neocraft Limited is the publisher of Tales of Wind game. Laplace M is another name of Tale of Wind. It’s an action MMORPG game and available on android ios platform. its inspired world game .This game is also combat game. In this game there are four classes with branching promotion level to 50 inculding   Warrior, Cleric, Ranger.

Tale of wind

tale of wind

Key Features of Tale of Wind

1-Its one of the best  3D game.

2-The game is full of adventure and also combat game.

3-Pc and android both version are available.

4-In this game you will select your target and kill in combat.

5- You will select branch classes from Warrior, Cleric, Mage, or Assassin and promote for Asura, Ninja, Priest, Berserker, to level 50.

6- Arena  participate in the Hero League for  fighting  top combatants.

7- The Equipment Realm, Card Realm, and  event-specific dungeons solo or with a team of  players that have same mind strategy.

Tales of Wind  Classes that used In The Game

  • Specialize in Defense
  • Promotion Path Paladin Berserker.
  • Specialize in Range AoE Damage.
  • Promotion Path Pyromancer Frostweaver.Specialize in  Healing
  • Promotion Path Priest Ranger.
  • Specialize in Sneak Attack Melee.
  • Promotion Path Asura, Ninja.

Characters Detail of Tales of Wind


Mage is a character only wise apprentices with elf discipline may become a mage.


Frostwear always hold smile on face it also an damage enemy.

3-Pyromance help to attack highly .it can fire damage and sustainability.

4-Warrior  is a character once you can trust with life.

5-Breasker use for high defense .it has to damage enemy &life steal.

6-Paladin If you need high defense ,Paladin is the best option. Paladin has high power of shields. Paladins are the guardians of ultimate power.

7-Cleric The most loyal companion who protects and used to heal wound.

8-Ranger  can be a good player  to damage enemy. It transcending life &death travelling time to time. In this game all rules are made ranger. All orders in this world are made to destroy.

9-Assassin is another key player for high sneak attack .

Feature of Tale of Wind

1-Tale of Wind is an action role playing game.

2-It is available for both Pc and Android.

3-The Tale of Wind is Full 3D game.

4-It has great graphics.

5-You must know the following trick while   playing Tale of Wind on Pc.

Boost your Power

Know the story

Choose transformation wisely.

Must know your opponents.

6- There are different elements in this game that grab that our attention as we play.

7-There are 20 modes of this game including Racing, Fighting and Quiz.

8-In this amazing fighting game you have facility to choose your team with friends or together.

9-As a player you must complete given  mission  & after that you will be able to earn extra ability Hence you can start a new  journey and the kingdom much easier.

10- Its a massive multiplayer role-playing game.

Additional Gaming Information


NameTale of Wind
updated31 Dec,2019
Current Version2.2.1
Required android4.2 or above
Content RatingRated for 7+
Interactive ElementsUser interact, Digital purchase
DeveloperNeo studio
How to Download APK for Tale of Wind  game

There are some easy steps to download Apk as given below.

I am providing you the download link  of Tale of Wind

1-After clicking the link simple click download button.

2-As downloading complete install it and enjoy it.

3-Downloding link is given below.


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