Mini militia Doodle army 2 Full guide & Free Downloading

Mini Militia  Doodle Army 2 the great multiplayer android ios battle game . Appsomniacs LLc is the developer & Miniclip is also the publisher of Mini Militia game. People who mostly love army are taking too much interest In Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 game. The game is becoming more popular in young people or childs.In a very short period of time game become very popular especially for army game lovers. In these multiplayer game 6 players are online in the combat while   12 use local wifi.In offline training you can improve your skills with Sarge and sharpen& survival mode. Three modes are available in this combat game solo Play, Quick play, Multiplayer with Lan/ Wi-Fi. Counter strike facility is also available. Different types of weapons use like Sniper, Short gun and flamethrower. A variety of weapons and guns are available during battle, which help you to conquer your enemy, provide you a light and strict environment to boost your experience.

mini militia

mini militia doodle army 2

Some new update of Mini Militia  Doodle Army 2  are given below.

  • Refurbish visuals, can  completely change the look of game.
  • In this latest version, developer introduces a new crate system which help player to unlock weapons and avatar item.
  • Players are so strong because weapons are upgraded in this version.
  • Weapons are very useful and effective which improve the skills of players.
  • Profile mode are also available in upgrade version which help to change the name of player also you can see the stat of player like how many matches player win or loss .
  • in setting mode you have a facility to login from face book while in previous version login access was only  possible with Gmail.
  •  Weapons and guns helps you  during battle. weapons can  help you to counter your enemy, provide you a light environment to boost your experience.

Features of Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 Multiplayer game.

  • 1-its  multiplayer combat battle game.
  • 2-Online offline both modes are available.
  • 3-Graphics are so good of Mini militia Doodle Army 2.
  • 4-New weapons & Guns improve the efficiency of players.
  • 5-A lot of ammunition.
  • 6-unlitimed netro
  • 7-lot of bomb.
  • 8-no reload
  • 9-no gravity
  • 10-Magic bomb throw
  • 11-Magic Malee punch
  • 12-you have facility to play or against with friends.
  • 13-you can select best player.
  • 14-As a player your skills can improve through training, co op, and survival mode.
  • 15-Dual Stick shooting  can help you for better and effective gaming experience.
  • 16-Player can choose weapons from sniper, shotgun, and missiles also.
  • 17- The game has team-based theme strategy because that offers fun-filled experience.
  • 18- Majority of phone models does not require powerful hardware specification.
Tips and Tricks while playing Mini militia android ios game
  • 1-Don’t come in front of pro player because they  have already got a high core.
  • 2-Must remember one thing don’t use weapons like pistol because it has low power weapon.
  • 3-Always use loaded weapon because as player you are in battle.
  • 4-Blue bar green helps you to escape during attack.
  • 5-Avoid to stuck in middle because you are already on attack.
  • 6-Sit Down in attack of bomb because  it will less effect your health.
  • 7-Green grenades can easily kill your enemy in this game.
  • 8-Short gun, sniper or missiles can be  effective weapons in Mini militia Doodle Army 2.
  • 9-Use Weapons effectively to destroy enemy.
Weapons or Guns used In Mini Militia Doodle Army 2
  • 1-Desert Eagle
  • 2-Uzi
  • 3-MP 5
  • 4-AK 47
  • 5-M 4
  • 6-M14
  • 7-Shotgun
  • 8-M93BA
  • 9-SMAW
  • 10-Machete
  • 11-PHASR
  • 12-Flamethrower
  • 13-Grenades


Gaming Information
Version3.0 or above android
Updated 24 December 2019
InternetTo play online
Current version5.0.6
Required android4.1 &up
Interactive ElementUser interact, Digital Purchase
Offered byMiniclip
SoundExcellent Experience

How can you  Download Mini Militia With play Store

It’s very easy to download Mini Militia from Google play Store. After downloading click on install button. In below I am also  providing you the link where you can easily download game after clicking on download Button .Download

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